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Welcome to my page! 

I’m Coleen, a professional voiceover artist, who is excited about doing voiceovers and doing quality work for each client.

I was born in Guyana {near the West Indies} so I’m Caribbean/West Indian at heart. I grew up in Boston - which means depending on the word -  you may or may not hear a New England accent. 

I spent 20 years behind the microphone. I wrote my own scripts and recorded each voiceover. 

I have a diverse range to give you for your project. 

-Are you looking for conversational and approachable?

-Do you need professional and serious? 

-Are you thinking about a broadcast-style delivery?

-Will smooth and slow or energetic and fast-pace work for you?

-Maybe your project needs a Caribbean accent?

Whatever you need, let’s talk and get to work on your voiceover!


I’m looking forward to giving your project a voice.  


You can find more details on the Services page and hear different projects that I’ve voiced on the Demos page.

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